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Creating talent to lead tomorrow’s science- and technology-centered, knowledge-based society

With an aim to nurture outstanding professionals who will lead tomorrow’s society, rooted in science, technology, and knowledge, the College of Information and Communication Engineering teaches creative thinking and problem-solving skills, the ability to apply knowledge, and comprehensive design capabilities. The college’s practical curriculum allows students to easily absorb knowledge and information and become market-ready talent in today’s globalized world.

Founded with the goal of producing future leaders in convergence technology encompassing electrical, electronic, information telecommunication, and IT areas, the college underwent structural changes to meet market demands. In the past, it covered Electrical Engineering, Electronic and Information Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Media Engineering, and Control and Instrumentation Engineering. Currently, there are three departments - Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Electronic and IT Media Engineering (Electronic Engineering Program and Media IT Program), and Computer Science and Engineering - and four programs within the college.

Based on engineering theories that are expected to play a pivotal role in knowledge-based society in the future, the college is devoted to providing hands-on and professional knowledge and helping students unleash their creativity. By delivering demand-driven education, the college strives to enhance learning experience and is determined to create competent individuals who will contribute to a wide variety of industries.
Engineers with creative thinking and problem-solving skills
Creative thinking is an integral skill for a 21st century engineer living in an era of science and technology. Also, being able to solve a given problem is an ability many companies would like to see in an engineer.

Engineers with the ability to apply their knowledge
The market seeks engineers with the ability to apply their everyday knowledge and what they learned in school to a particular area, and thus bring added value. Our college not only offers students theoretical knowledge and practical insight but also equips them with the ability to apply educational experiences to real-world applications.

Engineers with practical and comprehensive design capabilities
Engineers who have practical knowledge and design skills in electrical, electronic, and information telecommunication and IT convergence technology are in high demand. Our college’s multidisciplinary approach allows students to develop practical and comprehensive design capabilities.

Engineers with the ability to collate information and knowledge and adapt to a globalized world
An ability to gather relevant information and knowledge from a variety of sources is essential in embracing the information era and pursuing lifelong learning. Also, engineers should assume social responsibility and develop a global mindset.
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